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#2 – Operators enter closer relationships with their outsourcing partners – enabling radical transformation across the entire value chain

Multiple trends are pushing operators to change the way they are working and deliver value to their customers. The increased demands on customer experience and fast time-to-market is causing them to embrace agile ways of working, DevOps delivery models, and analytics-driven decision making. However, these trends are not only affecting operators, but also other players […]
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Learnings from agile transformations at mobile operators

Agile is eating the world. Everyone, from software development startups to the public sector, are embarking on agile journeys. But what is agile – really? And how do you make sure you succeed with your agile transformation? In this blog post, we share our learnings from client engagements and tell you about the five pitfalls […]
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Telecoms.com – Traditional operators are incapable of digital transformation

Bengt Nordstrom of telecoms consultancy Northstream identified the key cultural challenge as the move to a customer-centric mindset. “A digital transformation project must always start with a customer and business process mindset,” he said. “For instance, how would we like to serve our customers in the future? How would they like to buy and consume […]
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#3 – Success will follow the brave who embrace the greenfield approach to BSS transformation

BSS transformation is a necessary, but also challenging endeavor for operators. The inherent difficulties associated with such a transformation have led many to prefer a step-by-step approach, which ultimately does not consider the holistic view and may even add to the complexity in the long run. To address these challenges and to maximize the impact […]
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Agreement preparation for new IT support system

The client, a global bank was undergoing an IT transformation in order to improve efficiency and speed in processing loan applications. It was essential for the bank that the transition to the new system was as smooth as possible and that there would be daily IT support once the system went live. Northstream supported the […]
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Every company wants to be digital, agile – how to get there (finally)?

Customer first, employee first. Be transparent, lead like loving parent. Share, take care. Be on a mission, have passion. Fail fast, let the trust last. You’ve heard it all but still feel like it’s 2004? Building and having a right culture is commonly pinpointed to be the Holy Grail of successful digital transformations. But you […]
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RFP for BSS transformation for global operator

Northstream led, in close cooperation with the client, an RFP process to select a partner for a complete replacement of the Business Support Systems (BSS) core environment across multiple markets. Work involved sourcing strategy, RFP production, partner evaluation and selection and contract finalisation. The scope covered all systems and processes (E2E) from front end, channel […]
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Reorganization and transformation

Northstream supported the client in realizing its strategic objective  to implement a new organization within the Technology division. Together with the management team Northstream led the program to analyse, design, perform risk assessment and execute the transition to a leaner and more efficient organisational structure covering all operational, financial, HR and stakeholder management related activities. […]
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White papers

Operational Models: Change is a Must

This Northstream white paper discusses ways that operators can adjust their operational models to adapt to a changing business climate. In an industry of legacy organizations, operators are having a difficult time being agile enough to keep pace with the quickly changing mobile communications landscape. We take a look at the way that a couple of new-entry operators have designed a very efficient business model, and how this can be applied on a larger scale.
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