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Strategic Outsourcing of Managed Services and Implement a New Operational Model

A leading European Mobile Network Operator was in the process of issuing an RFQ (Request For Quotation) to outsource all of its non-core processes in a managed services engagement and implement a new operating model. The operator invited Northstream to lead the RFQ process, define the pricing model, and assisting in evaluating and all the […]
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Sourcing support for European mobile operator in transformation and network modernization

Northstream assisted an European mobile operator to assess and support in transformation and network modernization in order to improve its operational efficiency and quickly expand network capacity to deliver new aggressive commercial offerings to regain market share. Northstream assisted the operator in the RFP process, including support in the preparation for RFP, evaluation of the RFP responses, […]
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Northstream supported a mobile operator in the network sourcing process.

A Caribbean mobile operator had decided to upgrade its mobile network to 3G and 4G to meet the market demand. The operator was looking for a turnkey partner to conduct the planned upgrade as well as fully manage and operate the network. The upgrade was designed as a combination of swap-outs and evolving the existing […]
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Outsourcing and transformation: Northstream led the process to realize efficiency and savings targets

Northstream supported the client in realizing its strategic objective to implement a new operational model within the networks organisation. Together with the management team Northstream led the outsourcing process and thereafter established a transformation project focusing on re-design and establishment of new generic processes throughout the organisation. This also involved development of related IS/IT support […]
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Management of IMS and AXE networks modernisation project

Northstream assisted a leading network operator in Sweden with the planning and execution of upgrading and modernizing their IMS and AXE networks. The Northstream team supported the sourcing process and negotiation between the operator and the infrastructure supplier up until contract signing. In addition and preparing for project start, Northstream supported the network organization in […]
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