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#2 – Operators enter closer relationships with their outsourcing partners – enabling radical transformation across the entire value chain

Multiple trends are pushing operators to change the way they are working and deliver value to their customers. The increased demands on customer experience and fast time-to-market is causing them to embrace agile ways of working, DevOps delivery models, and analytics-driven decision making. However, these trends are not only affecting operators, but also other players […]
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Interim Delivery Manager for MNO’s digital workplace unit

A Global Mobile Network Operator engaged Northstream to provide them with an interim delivery manager for their digital workplace and corporate IT unit. The IT-unit had made a strategic choice to move one of its key positions from one geographical location to another and while a recruitment process was ongoing, they were in need of […]
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Strategic Outsourcing of Managed Services and Implement a New Operational Model

A leading European Mobile Network Operator was in the process of issuing an RFQ (Request For Quotation) to outsource all of its non-core processes in a managed services engagement and implement a new operating model. The operator invited Northstream to lead the RFQ process, define the pricing model, and assisting in evaluating and all the […]
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Sourcing support for European mobile operator in transformation and network modernization

Northstream assisted an European mobile operator to assess and support in transformation and network modernization in order to improve its operational efficiency and quickly expand network capacity to deliver new aggressive commercial offerings to regain market share. Northstream assisted the operator in the RFP process, including support in the preparation for RFP, evaluation of the RFP responses, […]
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White papers

Operational Models: Change is a Must

This Northstream white paper discusses ways that operators can adjust their operational models to adapt to a changing business climate. In an industry of legacy organizations, operators are having a difficult time being agile enough to keep pace with the quickly changing mobile communications landscape. We take a look at the way that a couple of new-entry operators have designed a very efficient business model, and how this can be applied on a larger scale.
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