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Vendor 5G readiness evaluation

Northstream assisted a European mobile operator to assess vendors’ readiness in their 5G offering, as part of the radio network RFQ evaluation. Based on direct input from all involved vendors, Northstream individually and comparatively assessed the respective vendors’: current product offerings in terms of upgradability and reusability in the evolution to future 5G network; clarity […]
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Support in Operational Readiness analysis for launch of VoLTE for a European operator

A European Mobile Network Operator requested Northstream to assess its readiness to launch Voice over LTE (VoLTE), implemented on operator’s virtualized telco cloud.For this assessment Northstream looked into operator’s VoLTE solution and its virtualized IMS, in terms of: Ways of Working, Organizational Structure, and Intra-organizational interactions. To evaluate the operational readiness and generate a list […]
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5G strategy development support for automotive OEM

A leading automotive manufacturer engaged Northstream to assist them in the development of their 5G strategy for connected cars, by providing an overview of 5G technology and future developments, as well as technological and commercial implications for their specific industry vertical. Based on Northstream’s expertise and client input, Northstream analysed future 5G developments and their […]
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#3 – The NFV hype is over, now it will really take off

Northstream predicts a breakthrough and strong growth in NFV activities in 2017. The incentives for operator implementation are high as some new services (e.g. VoLTE) will benefit from virtualized network functions and some future ones (e.g. network slicing) are dependent upon them. As a result, NFV in 2017 will be driven by services such as […]
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NyTeknik – Tele2 blir först med virtuella nät

Konsulten Bengt Nordström i Northstream håller med. – Den stora virtualiseringen av telenäten börjar nu. Det börjar med att operatörerna virtualiserar någon viktig tjänst som telefoni (Volte) eller bredband. Sedan får vi en gradvis utveckling, säger han. – Det är sannolikt att många operatörer väljer Full Stack nu i början för att minimera sin risk. […]
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SDN and NFV – the benefits and drivers behind

As Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) are moving from hype to reality, there is a need to better understand and to quantify the benefits that operators can expect to achieve. When we speak to European operators, we find that most of them have not yet done the business case analysis for […]
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Northstream analyzes the impact and benefits of SDN and NFV

As Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) are moving from hype to reality, there is a need to understand and quantify the benefits that operators can expect to achieve. Northstream was engaged by an industry player to assess the impact of SDN and NFV in a number of use cases – data center, […]
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