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Bonus 20-year prediction: Mobile networks come back to where it all began – a single network per market

This year, Northstream celebrates our 20-year anniversary. In our founding year, Nokia became the world leader in mobile phones, there were 100 million mobile subscribers globally, and Northstream was occupied with projects touching upon cutting-edge technologies such as WAP, i-mode, and WCDMA. To highlight this milestone, we want to raise our gaze from the one […]
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Light Reading – Let’s Talk About 5G Efficiency, Not Wacky Services

The divide between operators and their vendors is perhaps no surprise. If suppliers can persuade the market that 5G will buoy telco revenues, networks will be rolled out more quickly, to the benefit of those same suppliers. The comments from Wibergh and Patterson reinforce the view this will not happen. “Operators will upgrade 12% to […]
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Telecoms.com – Charting the route to 5G success

In this article Bengt Nordstrom, CEO of telecoms consultancy Northstream, assesses some of the key things telcos need to be aware of if they want to make the most of the 5G era. 5G promises exponentially faster speeds, higher capacity, lower latency and more throughput than today’s networks. It will use existing LTE standards and technology […]
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Technical due diligence on a European mobile operator

As part of their strategy reassessment, the client invited Northstream to carry out a technical due diligence that would serve to validate the technical aspects of their business plan (BP). The objectives of the assignment were to appraise the client’s capability to deliver the goals set out in the BP by reviewing the client’s network […]
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