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Fiber strategy development for an European utility company

An European utility company engaged Northstream to assess the local fiber market and develop a fiber rollout strategy and business case. The company had been playing a small role (co-construction) in fiber value chain, but was now considering ramping up its fiber business. Northstream’s team evaluated the current state and outlook of the local fiber […]
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Insights, Predictions

Bonus 20-year prediction: Mobile networks come back to where it all began – a single network per market

This year, Northstream celebrates our 20-year anniversary. In our founding year, Nokia became the world leader in mobile phones, there were 100 million mobile subscribers globally, and Northstream was occupied with projects touching upon cutting-edge technologies such as WAP, i-mode, and WCDMA. To highlight this milestone, we want to raise our gaze from the one […]
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Engagements, Sourcing, Strategy

Sourcing support for European mobile operator in transformation and network modernization

Northstream assisted an European mobile operator to assess and support in transformation and network modernization in order to improve its operational efficiency and quickly expand network capacity to deliver new aggressive commercial offerings to regain market share. Northstream assisted the operator in the RFP process, including support in the preparation for RFP, evaluation of the RFP responses, […]
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Insights, Predictions

#4 – Infrastructure vendors’ market shares stabilize and price pressure eases

Infrastructure vendors’ have had challenging years where profit margins have been squeezed and market shares redistributed as the 4G roll out swept across the world. For the coming years we see the bulk of network investments taking place in existing installation upgrades rather than new roll outs. We also believe that operators are keen to […]
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