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#3 – Success will follow the brave who embrace the greenfield approach to BSS transformation

BSS transformation is a necessary, but also challenging endeavor for operators. The inherent difficulties associated with such a transformation have led many to prefer a step-by-step approach, which ultimately does not consider the holistic view and may even add to the complexity in the long run. To address these challenges and to maximize the impact […]
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Operator digitalization: What is it all about?

Digitalization or digital transformation has surely been one of the most talked about business topics in recent years. In a general sense, the terms refer to the application of digital technologies both in customer-facing and in internal parts of an enterprise. Mobile network operators (MNOs) have in the past not been at the forefront when […]
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Every company wants to be digital, agile – how to get there (finally)?

Customer first, employee first. Be transparent, lead like loving parent. Share, take care. Be on a mission, have passion. Fail fast, let the trust last. You’ve heard it all but still feel like it’s 2004? Building and having a right culture is commonly pinpointed to be the Holy Grail of successful digital transformations. But you […]
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Telecoms Tech – Opinion: IoT as a share of operator revenues will increase three-fold, at least for some

In essence, the Internet of Things (IoT) is an extension of the digitalisation trend that has been going on for years. In addition to regular digitalization procedures, such as automating processes or creating web-enabled platforms for services, companies are also equipping their machines, products, and factories with sensors and connectivity modules. We’ve seen similar trends […]
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