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IT Transfer for MNO’s new headquarter

A Global Mobile Network Operator engaged Northstream to provide them with a project manager for the IT workstream of the development of their new organization and connected new headquarter. The IT-unit was in need of a project manager during the execution phase of the project in order to help them manage and lead the process […]
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Northstream supported its client managing a strategic business transformation programme.

The Client, a global telecom operator, had launched a large business transformation programme, with the goal of increasing customer satisfaction, improve financial performance, and shorten the time to market. This was to be implemented by releasing a simplified product offering, improve business processes, transforming the IS/IT stack by introducing new systems, perform major development also on existing systems, and introduce an agile way […]
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White papers

Operational Models: Change is a Must

This Northstream white paper discusses ways that operators can adjust their operational models to adapt to a changing business climate. In an industry of legacy organizations, operators are having a difficult time being agile enough to keep pace with the quickly changing mobile communications landscape. We take a look at the way that a couple of new-entry operators have designed a very efficient business model, and how this can be applied on a larger scale.
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