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#1 – Telco IT goes from misunderstood synergy enabler to customer value creator

In 2019, the trend of IT and Networks integration will decline, taken over by more business-oriented IT functions. The trend was based on an overestimation of the potential synergies, which have proven hard to reach. While some parts of IT can benefit from being part of Networks, the main part, i.e., application development and maintenance, […]
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From product to connected product-as-a-service

A guide to transforming the business model through IoT IoT is high on the agenda for many enterprises. The initial business case for connecting products is usually focused on realizing cost savings and most companies that have deployed IoT are still at this initial stage. However, there is a large opportunity that lies in redefining […]
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Every company wants to be digital, agile – how to get there (finally)?

Customer first, employee first. Be transparent, lead like loving parent. Share, take care. Be on a mission, have passion. Fail fast, let the trust last. You’ve heard it all but still feel like it’s 2004? Building and having a right culture is commonly pinpointed to be the Holy Grail of successful digital transformations. But you […]
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Northstream supported its client managing a strategic business transformation programme.

The Client, a global telecom operator, had launched a large business transformation programme, with the goal of increasing customer satisfaction, improve financial performance, and shorten the time to market. This was to be implemented by releasing a simplified product offering, improve business processes, transforming the IS/IT stack by introducing new systems, perform major development also on existing systems, and introduce an agile way […]
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