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#2 – 5G will be open for Business

So far, 5G has been made available to consumers in many parts of the world with, if not revolutionary, then at least substantially improved user experiences. 5G for the enterprise markets, on the other hand, has so far been an attractive but elusive promise that seems yet to materialize.  However, we believe this will change […]
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Fiber strategy development for an European utility company

An European utility company engaged Northstream to assess the local fiber market and develop a fiber rollout strategy and business case. The company had been playing a small role (co-construction) in fiber value chain, but was now considering ramping up its fiber business. Northstream’s team evaluated the current state and outlook of the local fiber […]
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Support in planning & business case for network rollout

A European communications provider was investigating the possibility to build and operate a new communications network. Northstream was engaged from the early stages to support with subject matter expertise regarding e.g. the network rollout process, investment levels, and organizational planning. This was further developed into a full-scope financial business case with detailed OPEX and CAPEX […]
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The Register – Work continues on 5G, shame no one’s sure what it’s for yet

The industry discussion around 5G verticals is likely to go on for another couple of years and that’s regardless of the bigger issue of national rollouts. Bengt Nordstrom, CEO of consultancy Northstream, told us: “It will take some time before those discussions turn into tangible product specs and business cases. I’m not trying to be […]
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Northstream analysed and quantified potential upside of network sharing

Two leading European MNOs, who were in the early phases of network sharing discussions, requested Northstream to build a comprehensive business case (including sensitivity analysis and key drivers) network sharing (MOCN) to investigate the potential upsides (financial and strategic) to network sharing and act as a neutral party in facilitating the definition of network sharing […]
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Real-time billing and self-service deployment business case study for BSS vendor

A leading BSS vendor asked Northstream to research the global market of mobile telecom real-time billing and self-service and to develop a business case illustrating potential benefits for operators in a European context. The research identified considerable financial gains for operators from implementing new real-time billing and self-service solutions and increasing customer adoption of the […]
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