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#5 – Indoor 5G rollout will ramp up in Europe, unlocking innovative 5G use cases

As the 5G wave is picking up pace around the world, the indoor 5G deployment will be a critical part for providing homogenous 5G user experience, due to the outdoor 5G signal’s poor propagation as well as the network requirement of latency-critical 5G applications such as VR and AR. WiFi will no longer be able […]
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5G rollout modeling and implications

A supplier of mobile network infrastructure engaged Northstream to perform an analysis of the projected rollout of 5G in leading World economies. The potential 5G rollout pace was modeled based on input data such as operator CAPEX budgets, equipment costs, geography and radio parameters. Having estimated the year-by-year adoption of 5G across seven countries, the […]
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Computer Business Review – “Fiendishly Complicated” 5G Networks: Exciting, Expensive, Ever Coming?

Operators see three main use cases/routes to monetisation: 1) enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB); 2) ultra-reliable low latency IoT and 3) fixed wireless access (FWA). Yet as a report from independent telecoms consultancy Northstream shared with Computer Business Review put it this week: “The 5G use cases discussed in the industry will likely bring no (or very small) […]
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Total Telecom – International trade wars threaten to spark a 5G arms race – but is Europe even in the running?

Regardless of how quickly The UK can launch 5G, the general consensus is that Europe will struggle to bring 5G to market before the latter half of 2020 or even 2021. “5G it will be a phased introduction. It will begin in 2020 and then over the next 7 years or so it will reach […]
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