Through our Transformation practice, Northstream offers strategic advice as well as hands-on operational support to clients that are evaluating, facing or executing an organizational change program. Northstream has, through its many strategy and sourcing related engagements, gained years of experience from assessing best practices of how to establish interfaces towards 3rd parties and defining efficient internal ways of working.

Client scenarios that call for Northstream’s Transformation practice include:

  • Internal re-organization
  • Transition of responsibilities and/or staff to 3rd party
  • Shift in supplier base of managed services

With the ability to address transformation programs from an objective and external viewpoint, Northstream’s strength lies in facilitating the change process from within. This typically means that Northstream not only interfaces with the client’s management team for strategic advise and transformation program governance, but also mobilizes and engages the client’s subject matter experts (who are typically the ones affected by the transformation program) to secure as smooth as possible realization of strategic objectives.

Transformation Practice services include:

  • Process development / innovation / re-engineering
  • Organizational development / review
  • Outsourcing preparations
  • Outsourcing RFP Project Management (see also Northstream Sourcing service description)
  • Transition management
  • Managed service partner governance / interface development