Internet of Things

For nearly two decades, Northstream has been at the forefront of mobile technologies. Its consultants are respected for being thought-leaders on internet and connectivity matters; and are privileged to have positively contributed to the connected society; from M2M, and more recently, to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Thanks to a remarkable technological progress in various domains, the potential of the IoT is becoming more concrete and realisable. Enterprises in almost all sectors, from manufacturing, to automotive, to logistics, etc., are increasingly considering the relevance of the IoT to their business operations and end customers.

The aim of our IoT practice is to facilitate the journey to a world of ubiquitously connected products, services and people. We are a trusted partner to clients who are seeking to play a part in the IoT ecosystem; we help them stay ahead of the technology curve and deliver value to their end users.

Northstream’s IoT team consists of skilled consultants with excellent competence in the following domains:

  • Technology and business strategy
    • Defining the role of IoT and digitisation from the client’s context
    • Charting the course to connected products and services
    • Valuation of strategies through business case modelling of specific use cases
  • Investment appraisal
    • Company analysis of its ‘IoT Potential’
    • Synergetic analysis of operations, products, services and information
    • Value creation planning and execution
  • Market positioning
    • Segmentation strategy
    • Competition analysis
    • Go-to-market strategy
  • Strategy implementation
    • Technology partner screening, sourcing and on-boarding
    • Business and operational model optimisation
    • Translation of the client’s IoT/digital vision or strategy into a realistic execution plan
  • Programme Management
    • Scope definition
    • Governance, planning and monitoring
    • Delivery, acceptance, transition