VoIP brings opportunities – and threats – to mobile operators

During the last two years, peer-to-peer voice over Internet applications like Skype and others have visualized the possibilities of the VoIP technology to masses of Internet users. The potential of VoIP however expands way beyond free long distance calls over the Internet – it is about to change the structure of service portfolios for fixed and mobile operators. This Northstream white paper outlines the implications VoIP will have on mobile operators business in the near and long term. The white paper analyses a number of upcoming application areas of VoIP that are relevant to mobile operators. It shows that the technology provides both opportunities and threats.

VoIP – A Threat and an opportunity for Mobile Operators (pdf)
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Succeeding with mobile enterprise services

In the recent months we have seen the launch, by some operators, of new voice services for the enterprise segment such as Push-to-Talk, wireless VPN and wireless PBX. While the enterprise non-voice market is currently still dominated by text messaging and data access, more advanced services like e-mail and vertical applications are slowly gaining momentum. [...]
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