Smartphones 2010: Time for Operators to Take an End-to- End View

Smartphones have developed into one of the most lucrative segments of the mobile industry. Shipments have increased dramatically, and so has the number of vendors, OS and applications. Operators can benefit from this development, but also need to understand the risks. Northstream recommends operators addressing the potential of smartphones in an end-to-end approach, embracing four key operator assets: Network capabilities, user data management, service & tariff strategy, and device portfolio.

Device Platforms White Paper (pdf)
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Your next BMV will come from an app store...

The media frenzy over mobile applications continues. Consumer brands launch applications. Mobile OS providers scramble to position their platforms as attractive for an applications business. Operators try to open application stores. Are applications THE killer-app?? This white paper charts different application store efforts and cautions operators to consider the relative merits of focusing on applications. [...]
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