Smart Buildings: the way forward for landlords

Ever more people are seeking housing and employment within urban areas while our expectations for living and working space are rapidly evolving. Smart Buildings have emerged as a window of opportunity for real estate players to address new tenant needs while meeting environmental standards and lowering building maintenance cost. However, few existing or newly constructed buildings have been equipped with comprehensive Smart Building solutions. Landlords’ efforts to advance their properties to the new era are constrained by proprietary technology, financing and lacking digital strategies. Smaller and larger landlords will pursue different paths in tackling those constraints to advance their operations. Irrespective of size, the way forward for landlords is to be pro-active in acquiring crucial capabilities to facilitate the shift from an asset-focused to a consumer-focused company.

This report was written by Northstream in collaboration with Tele2.

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Northstream_Smart Buildings

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Northstream_Smarta Fastigheter (pdf)
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