Smart Buildings: the heart of a Smart City

While the majority of buildings around the world do not have the necessary equipment in place to be considered “smart”, the main actors in the real estate industry (e.g. property owners, facility managers, building tenants, etc.) still have a certain set of needs that require smart solutions for addressing them. These solutions mainly include services that are aimed to reduce costs of operating buildings, improving efficiency, increase overall sustainability levels of the building, creating additional revenue, and improve the overall quality of living and working in the buildings.

Meanwhile, “old school” building automation systems have been around for decades with the goal of enabling automatic control of various building facilities. Modern Smart Building solutions additionally leverage the newly emerging capabilities of ICT, as well as addressing a bigger variety of services and demands. In the near future, continuous innovation is expected to bring about new solutions that go beyond these current smart services.

Besides the global adoption of Smart Buildings around the world, the Smart Building ecosystem in Sweden still revolves around classic building automation systems. However, the level of awareness and concrete initiatives regarding Smart Buildings have noticeably increased in recent years. Therefore, with the uptake of “Proptech” in Sweden and the relevant technologies reaching the maturity level, it can be predicted that that the Smart Building ecosystem in Sweden will develop quickly.

Download the report and read more about:

  • How to reap the benefits of Smart Buildings
  • What are the technical enablers and requirements
  • How to build required partnerships
  • How to make Smart Buildings happen

English version: Northstream White Paper Smart Buildings – the heart of a Smart City

Swedish version:

Northstream_Smarta Fastigheter - hjärtat av den smarta staden (pdf)
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