OSA/Parlay Status Report

In the report, “OSA/Parlay Status Report”, Northstream details the progress and future of OSA/Parlay products and services. A substantial increase in the demand for OSA/Parlay products and services is estimated. This exciting technology will help operators, service providers and software vendors develop and offer new products and services using existing infrastructure. Northstream provides a realistic outlook for the development of the OSA/Parlay market. The market overview includes an analysis of the business models, products, product pricing and value proposition of the participants in the OSA/Parlay value web. We also examine the commercial and technical aspects of OSA/Parlay to determine the opportunity in this emerging market. To capitalize on this opportunity it is essential to understand the technical and commercial trends and drivers. Our report provides an analysis of the comparable technologies of OSA/Parlay and Web Services in addition to providing a market overview including many of the leading companies involved in this sector.

To order this report, please send a request with your contact details to webmaster@northstream.se

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