Norwegian SMS market

Northstream has on request from Swedish Post and Telecom Agency (PTS) performed a study of the Norwegian mobile market with the aim to analyze why the market for SMS services has developed more rapidly than most countries. Currently, there are two mobile operators operating in Norway, Telenor and NetCom, and it is hence regarded to be a duopolistic market. In addition to the operators, there are several other players acting on the Norwegian market for SMS services; these are Service Providers, content Providers, and SMS aggregators. The usage of SMS services, both Person-to-Person (P2P) SMS and Premium SMS, is significantly higher in Norway than in Sweden. Also from a revenue perspective the differences between Norway and Sweden, with regards to revenues from SMS services, are striking. Northstream has identified several factors that have contributed to the rapid usage development of SMS services in the Norwegian mobile market.

The full report (in Swedish) can be downloaded form the PTS web site

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