Mobile office opportunities

This Northstream white paper briefly looks at the different technical options to implement Mobile Office solutions over GPRS and outlines the key elements operators should consider to satisfy corporate customers’ needs. Stimulating usage of non voice service and thereby increasing ARPU is operators’ key challenge in today’s mature mobile markets. In this context, it is exceptionally important to improve the offering in the under-exploited enterprise segment. Many companies already use Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology today to securely access their Intranet remotely over the Internet (e.g. through PSTN dial up). A natural extension for these companies is to be able to access the same resources when on the move by using the data capabilities of mobile networks. Most technical enablers are available today to enable mobile operators and other parties to fulfill these customer expectations and to implement Mobile Office offerings.

Mobile office opportunities (pdf)
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Mobile imaging

With the recent successful launch of camera phones and MMS offerings, mobile imaging has become an area of key importance for the wireless industry. In the context of this document, mobile imaging refers to the ability that people can take photos with their mobile phone, and use photo-related services. As an analogy, digital imaging comprises [...]
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