Massive IoT: different technologies for different needs

As more industrial verticals join the journey of business transformation through IoT, the number and density of connected devices are growing exponentially, leading us into the era of massive IoT. Among the connectivity technologies, from the widely discussed ones like NB-IoT and LoRa to the less well-known mesh solutions, it is not always obvious which one would be the most capable of handling the future challenges of massive IoT, or be the one best suited for the specific needs of a particular enterprise. This white paper intends to bring structure to the discussion of connectivity technologies, and to help the enterprises have a balanced understanding of the differences of these connectivity options and how different solutions could complement each other to serve their needs.

Download this report to read about:

  • The key requirements and typical use cases of massive IoT
  • The different technical strengths and business focuses of the emerging IoT connectivity technologies
  • The unique characteristics of flat mesh networks that enable them to address the scalability challenge of dense IoT deployment
  • Future outlook of how these technologies will work together to serve tomorrow’s massive IoT applications
Massive IoT- different technologies for different needs (pdf)
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