Lessons from i-mode

In May 2000, Northstream released the highly acclaimed report “Lessons from i-mode – understanding Japan’s Mobile Internet Phenomenon”. It provided insight into the factors behind i-mode’s success and hinted on what European operators should learn from i-mode. “Lessons from i-mode II” takes up where the previous report left off and in addition to an update of the status of i-mode, the scope has been greatly expanded to include content providers, business models. What are the important dos and don’ts that the world outside Japan can be learn from the i-mode experience? Who are the real winners among the i-mode content providers? Why is the “virtuous circle” so important for Europeans to understand? And what will happen once i-mode and ‘i-mode like’ services are launched on the international arena? Those and other important questions are answered in “Lessons from i-mode II”, Northstream’s second report on Japan’s mobile Internet phenomenon.

Published with the UK Informa Group, the report can be ordered online.