Intensifying competition ensures continued mobile revenue growth

Recently, Swedish mobile tariffs dropped by a startling 40 percent, a move initiated by a new entrant and quickly followed by the second largest mobile operator. While increasing competition is often seen negatively by mobile operators, Northstream white paper – Growing the mobile voice market – shows that market competition is a key driving force for continuous growth of mobile revenues. When correctly addressed, highly penetrated markets with sound competition experience a continuous growth in consumption of mobile voice and data services. Lower retail prices and innovative services can open up new market opportunities transforming mobile voice from a complementary service for fixed voice telephony to a substituting one.

Growing the mobile voice market (pdf)
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High pace of irreversible fixed-to-mobile substitution

Countries such as Finland and Italy have already undergone an enormous migration of voice traffic from fixed to mobile networks. If Germany were to follow a similar fixed-to-mobile substitution trend between 2004 and 2007 as Finland did between 1997 and 2001, the result would be a 300% growth in traffic and a 200% increase in [...]
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