Fixed to Mobile Substitution

Fixed to mobile substitution (FMS) offers interesting business opportunities for all types of mobile operators. The size and timing of the opportunity varies between markets and operators. Ongoing 3G network investments will impact Western European fixed to mobile substitution development, and capacity utilization will become an increasing challenge for mobile operators. Northstream discusses fixed to mobile substitution, its drivers, and business opportunities from an operator’s perspective and presents key strategic operator considerations related to fixed to mobile substitution.

Fixed to mobile substitution (pdf)
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Operator Options for 3G Evolution

This Northstream report is an independent analysis of the global 3G network evolution situation. In year 2000, evolution paths to 3G appeared clear for GSM, CDMA and TDMA operators, with WCDMA as an unrivalled future global radio interface, with evolved CDMA2000 variants deployed in specific markets. Some analysts and other industry players now suggest that [...]
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