Finding MIMO – On the way to 5G

This Northstream white paper discusses MIMO (multiple-input multiple-output) and its role in the upcoming 4G evolution and 5G development. Although MIMO deployment so far has been mostly limited to basic 2×2 configuration, it will become the key technical solution for operators to improve their capacity in the 4G evolution. More importantly, Massive MIMO with active antenna will be a prerequisite for 5G deployment in the millimeter wave bands. In this paper, we describe MIMO and explain its capability and limitations. In combination with our observations on other advancements in wireless technology and operators’ deployment strategy, we provide our insight on the implication of the growing adoption of advanced MIMO system in the future.

Northstream has always been closely following the latest wireless technology development and deeply involved with numerous operators in understanding their needs for new solutions to provide better services. It is from these valuable experiences and insights that we have drawn the inspiration for this white paper.

Northstream White Paper Finding MIMO (pdf)
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