5G Outlook in Europe

Is Europe overall ready for 5G?

One argument made by European regulators and MNOs is that it makes more sense to wait and learn from their Asian and American peers before ramping up 5G deployments themselves. They would then be able to catch up once the time is right, buoyed up by the good amount of mid-band spectrum they would then have obtained. However, this viewpoint neglects two important aspects. First, the fact that US operators will remain capable of continuously outspending their European counterparts by virtue of their higher ARPU levels. Second, while mid-band spectrum is more available in Europe than in the US, assignments are not well-coordinated across country borders and some auctions have ended up with hefty price tags and asymmetric allocations across operators. Europe overall can therefore be said to be at a risk of falling behind other developed regions when it comes to rolling out 5G.

This report was written by Northstream in collaboration with Ericsson.

Download the report:

5G_Northstream_Opinion_ (pdf)
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