3G stands firm in battle with alternative access technologies

Lately, alternative access technologies like WiMAX, Flarion’s FLASH-OFDM, and IPWireless’s TDD-WCDMA have frequently been mentioned in reports and trade press as potential candidates for delivering the next generation of mobile networks. At the same time, mobile operators are presented with “natural” technology evolution paths by the vendors who sold them their current 3G networks. The move towards all-IP based core networks and more data-rich applications have made it interesting for mobile operators to consider data-oriented radio networks. Some players in the market may also see an opportunity to be able to challenge the current mobile operators by deploying new access networks using newer and, potentially, more cost-efficient technology. In the white paper “Operator options beyond 3G” Northstream has studied some of the most talked-about access technologies and compared them with the cellular technologies that dominate the market today. All of them, from a mobile perspective, unconventional access technologies studied are credible technologies, which for some use cases outperform the established technologies.

Operator options beyond 3G (pdf)
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