3G Rollout Status

On behalf of Swedish Post and Telecom Agency (PTS), Northstream has performed an analysis of the 3G rollout situation. The report provides a descriptive and analytical overview of the status of 3G rollout in the European Union and Norway. It focuses on potential modifications of license distribution and conditions and the changing market outlook for 3G services in Europe. The European Commission and national regulators share powers of regulation over the mobile telecommunications sector in Europe. While many regulators have made no alterations, at national regulator level license conditions that have been altered/clarified include timing of service launch, timing of coverage milestones, network sharing, and extension of the license period and revision of payments for fees associated with the license. These indicate there is some limited flexibility to the industry, and a slight change of regulatory focus from market liberalization to 3G market facilitation.

The detailed findings are found in the full report that can be downloaded from the PTS website www.pts.se.

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