Prediction summary for 2012

In 2012, we expect infrastructure vendors to bounce back as the market matures, sub-scale vendors become too financially constrained to continue the price war, and operators start to charge properly for data while also taking a more holistic view onsourcing of systems and services. LTE will help further, but we’ll only see a major breakthrough when support for a quality voice service is there. On the device side, we’re going to see SIMs shrink, enabling new types of connected devices and paving the way for soft SIMs with enhanced over-the-air provisioning of services and capabilities. Similarly, we will see the beginnings of a big change in the apps space as the ecosystem moves towards the cloud and the tight link between applications and OS weakens. We also see one overall trend outside of these five: that operators will invest seriously in customer experience, and those that do will establish competitive advantage and significantly reduce churn.

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#1 - LTE uptake

  Lack of carrier grade voice support will prevent the major breakthrough of LTE In spite of the fact that data is the ‘hot topic’ in mobile today, and it’s clearly a driver for LTE deployments, voice is still essential to the mass take-up of a network technology. LTE networks cannot yet support carrier grade [...]
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