Prediction summary for 2011

As tradition calls for, Northstream has reviewed and analysed the trends we observe and pin-pointed a few key dimensions of the telecom market to “predict” and which we believe will have an impact on the everyday-life. In short; LTE is now on everyone’s agenda, though we still see this as cautious try-outs rather than full-scale launches, even for 2011. Further, the since long forgotten mobile video call service is going to re-emerge, and this time for real. Convergence is another over-used term from the past that finally will see the real light. Also, M2M/CD growth has taken off a little bit in the background, but this will now get more attention. And lastly, another area we believe will get high attention in 2011 is the cagey topic of broadband traffic control that engage operators, vendors, regulators and ultimately the users, and here we see causes for balanced actions in 2011.

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#1 - LTE uptake

LTE in 2011: Like spring weather – up and down, but with summer coming up LTE momentum is moving in to a period of sustained high pressure. There have been nine commercial LTE deployments this year and a further 44 additional launches are anticipated for 2011. In total, 113 operators have publically committed to the [...]
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