Prediction summary for 2010

We would like to share some of our views for the year ahead in the format of recurring annual predictions. Now, another year has passed in the ever so hectic telecom markets, and despite the tough economic times we have still witnessed new encouraging trends and solutions emerging, but at the same time the challenges are visible in tightened competition among some market players. We see a lot of turmoil in the infrastructure market as the competition intensifies, and consolidation in some form is coming closer. On the handset and software side we strongly believe that the North American players are ahead of the game and this will be more visible the coming year. On the LTE question, we don’t really foresee a strong technology shift just yet, rather we see that HSPA will stay as the leading and growing solution. Another area we recognise to get an increasingly-and-more-than-commonly-viewed strong growth is the M2M market.

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#1 - HSPA

HSPA to the masses The short version is that LTE is good and HSPA is great. LTE will indeed be commercially launched in 2010 and be surprisingly good considering that it is new technology. As with all new mobile technologies we will become more excited about what it promises for the future once systems are [...]
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