Wireless Developer Network – Study Highlights Potential $4.6 billion Saving for Mobile Operators

Northstream’s research approach involved a series of case studies and expert interviews covering the telecom industry, as well as the retail and finance industries. The most common identified challenge is in how to implement the transformation. This was a particular issue for those businesses with disparate systems, derived over the years from mergers and acquisitions, or those with critical legacy systems, products and services that have been patched and protected rather than renewed and replaced.

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DisruptiveViews - Good customer service is worth $4.6 billion

AsiaInfo have teamed up with respected industry consultants Northstream to come to this conclusion. The key, according to the research is to implement an omni-channel, ‘single customer view’ platform. Apart from anything else, companies can reduce customer service opex by 20 percent by eliminating the duplication of effort by customer service teams. That is a [...]
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