Total Telecom – European telcos could see €2bn profit hike from OTT collaboration

Telcos are increasingly working with OTT players but partnerships tend to be manually built and managed, explained Landry Ndikumasabo a manager at Swedish consultancy firm Northstream. By deploying collaboration platforms operators can open up APIs and provide access to back office functions to OTT partners. This means a deeper level of collaboration in a more automated way, which costs less, allows for a greater number of partnerships, and facilitates more innovative service offerings

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European Communications - EU operators "can realise €2.2bn profits" if they scale number of OTT partners

Operators in western Europe could grow profits to 15 times their current levels by taking an open platform approach to collaborating with OTT players, according to new research. The current manual approach, which involves approaching big name OTT players such as Spotify and Facebook on a case-by-case basis, will generate net profits of €160 million [...]
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