Total Telecom – Analyst predictions: Educated guessing game

Group mobile operators have failed to gain competitive advantages through scale in shared services, procurement, IT and other areas. Next year, operators with leaner organisations, and a strategic focus underpinned by efficient long-term partners, will be better equipped to compete. In 2014 it will not be about the large-scale operator out manoeuvring the smaller player, but the fast moving operator beating the slower carrier. (Northstream)

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Bengt Nordstrom, CEO of Northstream, a technology consultancy, said it’s surprising that newcomer Telco  Data (which is apparently represented by a law firm) could outbid an incumbent like Tele2. He adds, however, that Telco Data will have its work cut out. “It’s almost mission impossible to make such a business case fly without cooperation of existing [...]
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