Total Telecom – 5G’s false dawn

“The launch of 5G will be a phased introduction. It will begin properly in 2020 and then over the next 7 years or so it will reach more comprehensive population coverage,” said Bengt Nordstrom, CEO of Northstream.

“The introduction of 5G will vary from region to region. China and the US are investing more – they don’t have better business cases than we do, it is just that in the US they have greater faith in the ability of technology to solve problems. It’s in their culture to go ahead with it [5G].

“In China it will be fuelled by the potential industry impact – how the Chinese ICT industry will be impacted and how they will benefit from that. It’s a governmental directive to launch early over there.

“Now, the two find themselves in something of an arms race and therefore they will push each other to launch earlier and earlier,” he added.

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