The Telegraph – BT outage intensifies questions over future of Openreach

Bengt Nordstrom, telecoms analyst at Northstream, agreed that the outage – while disastrous for BT’s reputation – would need to happen several more times before Ofcom, the regulator, stepped in.

“Outages like this happen to all operators, not frequently but sometimes. The trick is to make it happen as seldom as possible.

“All in all, I think this event should not really impact the current discussion about a separation of Openreach, which is coming from a different angle,” he said. “It concerns BT’s dominance and if they are meeting the broadband roll-out requirements in the UK.”

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The weight of opinion among industry observers seems to be against White, however, with Northstream CEO Bengt Nordstrom wondering how Ofcom can adopt such contrasting positions on this and the BTEE deal. “Ofcom’s approval of the BT/EE acquisition, but its objections to the O2/Three merger shows that diverged approach to regulation is being applied to [...]
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