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Even so, there is much that could, and on past experience may well, go wrong. For a start, cross-border mergers frequently lead to culture clashes—and both Alcatel and Nokia are already coping with some queasy cultural mixes from their earlier mergers. Michel Combes, the former’s chief executive, argues that both companies are thoroughly international, and Nokia now has more French heads of business lines than Alcatel-Lucent. However, €900m-worth of operational synergies must be found by the end of 2019. And Bengt Nordstrom of Northstream, a consulting firm, worries that it will take cost-cutting to achieve these, and that this will make cohabitation trickier. 

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“In North America and in China, the combined company will be a really strong player,” said Bengt Nordstrom, the chief executive officer of Northstream, a mobile consultancy. The creation of an entity with the heft to compete directly with Huawei and Ericsson will lead to “a real three-horse race” in the network-equipment market, he said. [...]
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