Telexchange Journal – The Business Case for a B2B Collaboration Platform between Operators and OTTs

Landry Ndikumasabo is a Manager at Stockholm-based Northstream, a 20-consultant strong think tank focused on the telecom and media industry. Recently AsiaInfo commissioned Landry and his team to explore the potential benefits of a platform that can take OTT/operator partnerships to the next level.

“Well, number one, many operators need to change their attitude about working with OTT players. Too many view the OTTs as mere adversaries and fail to see the potential of win/win relationships.
By its nature, the OTT community is innovative and moves very quickly. But a mobile operator is born into a more methodical and slower culture. So operators need to complement their own network and business core competencies with those who better understand the content side.”

“There’s great potential here. If the telecom network becomes a more open ecosystem — though in a controlled sense — then it can seed a lot of profitable service ideas and content that would otherwise never see the light of day. Maybe it can nurture the next big hit in the digital ecosystem.”

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