– Operators should give up on chasing size and scale

But for the telecoms market, deals like this, which outsource functions or strip out assets like tower or copper networks to sell them to third parties who then run them more profitably than their original owners, may well be the coming thing, according to the CEO of analyst house, Northstream, Bengt Nordström. Telecom Italia is not typical. It is currently deep in dept and was recently adjudged ‘junk’ by Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s – the potential tower sale is part of plan to trim its debt and revive its fortunes.

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Connected devices are expected to reach billions over the next few years with the curerent growth curve showing something like  50 per cent CAGR says Northstream. But in an advanced case of diminishing returns, it turns out that the most valuable use cases have now been connected. The financial case for connectivity is marginal for [...]
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