Lay your bets – Prediction #3

Bengt Nordstrom, founder of industry consultancy NorthStream, shares his predictions for the mobile industry in 2013.

#3 – The ‘small cell debate’ is ended by LTE roll-out (with some support from WiFi)

Global LTE rollouts have sparked discussion about the rapid take up of small cells to extend high speed data coverage to public venues, enterprises and homes. However, Northstream believes that LTE roll-out will actually result in operators requiring less small cells than before.

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#2 – Regulators to allow increased operator consolidation – and save LTE in Europe Northstream predicts that during 2013 European regulators will increasingly accept operator consolidation in order to facilitate better market dynamics and growth for both larger and smaller players. This will be the catalyst to revitalise the European market, boost network investments moving [...]
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