– 12 telecoms industry predictions for 2015

10.   The move to soft SIMs gathers speed

Northstream has historically been outspoken about operators’ need to reduce their dependency on legacy processes, systems and technologies. SIM cards are no exception. 2015 will be the year when the business case for operators to abandon SIM cards and move to soft SIM technology becomes impossible to ignore. The accelerating number of IoT installations with specialised SIM specifications, the cost-savings for operators, plus growing end-user demand for greater flexibility, will encourage the industry to widely adopt a soft SIM solution.

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Nordström expects a fully soft SIM will be announced by the end of 2015. He says: “There’s a pressing need for it in the Internet of Things market. Everything service-wise will require a completely different cost structure than what we see today.” He argues this is potentially good news for networks, given the high costs [...]
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