Reuters – Nokia-Alcatel deal may force Ericsson to expand fixed line range

Bengt Nordstrom, head of telecom consulting firm Northstream, said Nokia, like Huawei, would have a stronger portfolio in routers, optics and fixed broadband than Ericsson.

“We have a global trend where convergent operators are created with fixed, mobile and media assets in their portfolios,” Nordstrom said. “Huawei is well positioned in that respect and this firm will also be. It will put more pressure on Ericsson to be successful with its efforts within IP and cloud.”

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Even so, there is much that could, and on past experience may well, go wrong. For a start, cross-border mergers frequently lead to culture clashes—and both Alcatel and Nokia are already coping with some queasy cultural mixes from their earlier mergers. Michel Combes, the former’s chief executive, argues that both companies are thoroughly international, and [...]
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