– Tele2 loses out in Norway 4G auction

Bengt Nordstrom, CEO of Northstream, a technology consultancy, said it’s surprising that newcomer Telco  Data (which is apparently represented by a law firm) could outbid an incumbent like Tele2.

He adds, however, that Telco Data will have its work cut out. “It’s almost mission impossible to make such a business case fly without cooperation of existing mobile operators,” he told Mobile World Live.

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Spookily the leak comes just a weekend after we published a ‘predictions for 2014’ by consultancy, Northstream, which predicted just such a series of moves by Europe’s big telcos as they struggled to cut costs. News sources, including Bloomberg and Germany’s business publication, Handelsblatt, are reporting that Deutsche Telekom is going to cut around 20 [...]
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