Mobile Europe June/July – Setting the scene: LTE in Europe in 2015

How would you assess the LTE roaming lanscape in Europe?

Bengt Nordström, Northstream: “More and more LTE operators now offer “roam like home” roaming packages that let you take your domestic price plan with you abroad. But rather than an LTE trend, this is down to, firstly, increased competition between operators and also a wider political and regulatory push to reduce roaming fees. ”

“We should remember that LTE is a “data first” technology. It’s LTE’s data characteristics – its 100+ Mbps connection speeds, its low latency – that are its defining features. But these are only relevant if you can afford to use your LTE phone and data plan abroad. If Europe is to compete globally and keep up with the rest of the world, it’s crucial that roaming fees – for LTE or otherwise – come to an end.”

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