Mobile Europe – CTO of the Year Roundtable: the hype and the glory

Bengt Nordström, CEO at Northstream, and a judge for CTO of the Year, talks about redundancy programmes within operators, and the challenge for veterans of the industry to change horses. “There’s not that many places to find a new job, so you better stick with what you know,” he says. “It makes us protective of change. In a growing job market, it would be different, because you’d happily explore new things.”

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Total Telecom - 5G's false dawn

“The launch of 5G will be a phased introduction. It will begin properly in 2020 and then over the next 7 years or so it will reach more comprehensive population coverage,” said Bengt Nordstrom, CEO of Northstream. “The introduction of 5G will vary from region to region. China and the US are investing more – [...]
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