Mobile Europe – CTO of the Year 2016

Bengt Nordström, CEO, Northstream: “Of many important tasks a CTO has, delivering a high quality customer experience is perhaps the most important one. Whether it is measured in network coverage, dropped calls or new features, what makes a user stay or leave an operator is a sign of how well the network is performing.”

“In 2015 Bruno Jacobfeuerborn continued his ambitious program to develop DT to one of the most advanced operators in Europe. Notable achievements include the completion of the IP transformation in four countries with 12 million lines migrated, reaching 90 percent LTE population coverage in Germany as well as launching LTE services across its European footprint.”

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Mobile Europe - CTO of the Year 2016 - Bengt Nordstrom, Northstream

The CTO of the Year 2016 judge on why Bruno Jacobfeuerborn from Deutsche Telekom was voted the unanimous winner. Related
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