Light Reading – T-Mobile, Sprint Close to Merger Deal – Reports

Judging by experience, the rollout of a next-generation mobile technology is unlikely to boost service revenues for operators. As a result, operators in many countries will probably take around seven years to build nationwide 5G networks, according to Bengt Nordström, the CEO of the Northstream consulting group. Moving any faster might lead to a sharp increase in capital intensity (capital expenditure as a percentage of revenues).

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Light Reading - Telco IoT in 2018: Firework or Flop?

Despite the bullish sentiment that has long surrounded it, IoT continues to underwhelm, as far as most operators are concerned. Data gathered by Northstream, a Swedish consultancy, and shared with Light Reading in late 2017 showed that IoT revenues as a percentage of total sales were just 1.59% for Vodafone Group plc (NYSE: VOD), 1.18% for Verizon Communications [...]
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