Light Reading – Let’s Talk About 5G Efficiency, Not Wacky Services

The divide between operators and their vendors is perhaps no surprise. If suppliers can persuade the market that 5G will buoy telco revenues, networks will be rolled out more quickly, to the benefit of those same suppliers. The comments from Wibergh and Patterson reinforce the view this will not happen. “Operators will upgrade 12% to 15% of their networks every year,” predicts Bengt Nordström, CEO of the Northstream consulting group, which has long harbored doubts about 5G as a revenue opportunity for operators. “To reach 90% of the population with 5G may take seven to ten years.”

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In an interview with Bengt Nordstrom, CEO of telecoms consultancy Northstream, warned that not only is 5G likely to roll out slowly, but the benefits to CSPs will be mainly in the form of efficiencies rather than sexy new revenue streams. “We are at a paradigm shift in the telecom industry where we, for [...]
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