European Communications – The IoT will contribute max 5% to operator revenues, say market watchers

Bengt Nordstrom, CEO at Northstream, told the European Communications/Mobile Europe IoT Conference 2016 in London last week that the best telecoms practitioners were making, perhaps, one percent of their total revenue from IoT services currently, and that such gains have comes after years of careful strategy and execution in the space.

“The telco industry acts and behaves like IoT is something new. It isn’t; it has been going on for 15 years,” said Nordstrom.

“From an operator and vendor perspective, it is exciting, yes, but we should have reasonable expectations on what it can deliver.

“If we think of leading operators, like Vodafone, about one percent of its revenues come from the IoT.

“And that’s not from something they started yesterday – they are one of the longer-term players.”

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