Disruptive Views – The time for omni-channel support is coming

The conclusion is that although investment is needed in the transformation and it will not be an easy road, the opex savings in Western Europe alone could be as high as $4.6 billion. The level of investment, according to Bengt Nordström, CEO of Northstream, is clearly not easy to give a general answer to, but “a successful transformation to omnichannel capabilities requires service portfolio rationalisation, process re-engineering, and sufficient time and capex allocation. The level of required investment depends on the operator’s legacy infrastructure, complexity of service portfolio and obviously size of operations.”

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The Economist Intelligence Unit - Smart telcos build digital ecosystems

A study from Northstream, a telecoms consultancy, nonetheless shows operators-on the whole-are not doing a very good job at working with internet firms. By not having platforms in place that would make collaboration easier, the consultancy calculates operators in Western Europe are in danger of missing out on €2 billion gross profit over the next [...]
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